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    White Peony Tea

    This unique scent is warm with spicy white tea with some flowers and...

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    Cotton Flowers

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Clean Cotton & Sunshine


Clean Cotton & Sunshine

This is beautiful outdoor sun-washed cotton scent. There are subtle notes of lilac, honeysuckle and citrus melted with fresh cleaned sun-drenched cotton. This is not an overly floral scent but it is very fresh and clean.

Remember to order an even amount (see below), however, it's possible to mix multiple fragrances in the same package.

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116,10 kr

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All candles have silver caps.
The small candle is suitable for smaller rooms such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

Large candle (6-pack): 
Burns up to 65-70 hours, 270 g net

Medium candle (6-pack): 
Burns up to 40 hours, 170 g net 

Small candle (6-pack):
Burns up to 30 hours,  130 g net

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    Av Helene på 01/13/2019
    Rubrik: Doftar så fräscht.
    Text: Bästa doftljuset jag någonsin haft. Brinner jämt och fint.
    Av Emilia på 05/03/2018
    Rubrik: Doftar otroligt
    Text: Bästa doftljuset jag haft!
    Av Gunmarie på 03/05/2018
    Rubrik: Fräsch doft !
    Text: Fräsch och lagom diskret doft
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