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Unscented rapeseed wax candle

Unscented rapeseed wax candle

Rapeseed Candle without fragrance for you who are scent sensitive or simply want an environmentally friendly natural light. Made of vegetable rapeseed wax with cotton wick and burns beautifully.

Consider shortening the wick if necessary, to about 0.7 mm before you light it for it to burn as much as possible.

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109,00 kr

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All candles have silver caps.
The small candle is suitable for smaller rooms such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

Large candle: 
Burns up to 65-70 hours, 270 g net

Medium candle: 
Burns up to 40 hours, 170 g net 

Small candle:
Burns up to 30 hours,  130 g net

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    Av Angelica på 03/05/2018
    Rubrik: Kvalite
    Text: Perfekt nu i vintermörkret
    Av Eva Anna Magdalena på 11/19/2017
    Rubrik: Livskvalitet
    Text: Ett ljus i mörkret för kropp och själ. Det här brinner otroligt vackert. Nu blir det aldrig mer billiga ljus av dålig kvalitet.
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