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    White Peony Tea

    This unique scent is warm with spicy white tea with some flowers and...

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  • Green Tea & Citrus

    A lovely scent of green tea and citrus with notes of lilies, rose and...

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  • Faded Short Sleeves T-shirt
    Cotton Flowers

    This is the light fragrance for you who want a gentle and nice scent....

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Violet Bloom & Birch

Violet Bloom & Birch

Imagine that you are walking through a lush birch forest and find a clearing full of wonderfully fragrant violets.

A soft and mild scent of violets bloom mixed with forest vegetation and ends with faint undertones of sandalwood, musk and a hint of orchid.

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All candles have silver caps.
The small candle is suitable for smaller rooms such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

Large candle: 
Burns up to 65-70 hours, 270 g net

Medium candle: 
Burns up to 40 hours, 170 g net 

Small candle:
Burns up to 30 hours,  130 g net

    Omdömen (2)

    Av Jill Ekstam på 04/22/2016
    Rubrik: Lustfylld
    Text: Åh en härlig fräsch söt doft man vill inte gå hemifrån..
    Det känns perfekt att vara hemma med detta ljus tänt!
    Av Lina på 06/13/2015
    Rubrik: Rekommenderas!
    Text: Fräsch doft som sprider sig i rummet. Extra plus i kanten för fin färg!
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