Lavender & Mint

Lavender & Mint

A delightful blend of fresh mint and traditional lavender. First you are met by a fresh scent of mint, then you can imagine the smell of lavender.

Feel the chill that bites into your breath. Truly a refreshing scent that is something out of the extraordinary .

The fragrance is mainly essential oil.

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All candles have wooden lids
The small candle is suitable for smaller rooms such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

Large candle: 
Burns up to 55 hours, 220 g net

Medium candle: 
Burns up to 45 hours, 170 g net 

Small candle:
Burns up to 25 hours,  100 g net

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    Av Rebecca på 08/30/2015
    Rubrik: Superfräscht
    Text: Doftar Superfräscht och är snyggt i svagt lila.
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