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Environmentally Friendly Firelighters

Environmentally Friendly Firelighters

Environmentally friendly firelighters made ​​of environmentally friendly rapeseed wax, soy wax and sawdust.

Offered in 20- or 10-pack. For these firelighters I have used leftover wax in different colours and scents, different mixtures in each bag. It's not marked on the bags what scent it is.

A simple and easy way to light your stove or an open fire. Place a firelighter in the wood and lit the wick, let the mold remain.

Burns for about 8 minutes.

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39,00 kr

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NOTE! This is NOT a candle!

Weight about 18 g each or

360 g per bag of 20-pack

180 g per bag of 10-pack 

    Omdömen (2)

    Av Christina på 11/11/2017
    Rubrik: Perfekta!
    Text: Har använt dessa i flera år och de fungerar perfekt att tända kaminen med.
    Av Karin H på 10/28/2015
    Rubrik: Toppen
    Text: Fungerar utmärkt, luktar dessutom lite gott i vedlåren!
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