Melts 3-pack

Melts 3-pack

4 pieces of melts of rapeseed wax to be used in a meltburner. Take one or two heart pieces, let them melt and feel how the room is filled with fragrance. It's possible to mix two different scents to create your own fragrance.

Contains 4 pcs hearts

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Do not mix water into the melts.
The pack is enough for about 20-40 hours with the scent depending on how many you take together.

Weight approx 55g / pack

When your wax no longer give scent, you can easily remove the wax by warming it up and pouring out the garbage or put the bowl in the freezer so you can remove the entire cake. However, be careful with aroma lamps ceramic so that they do not burst in the freezer.
Do not forget to residues of rapeseed wax easily can be washed off with warm water and soap or soap.

Do NOT pour melted wax into the sink, it can clog pipes.

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