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Yvelis makes candes by hand in the beautiful Roslagen in Sweden. We have choosen to use rapeseed wax in our production. Rapeseed is 100% natural and  and made by renewable sources from within the EU.

We offers scented candles both with fragrance oils and essential oils.

Nothing we use are tested on animals or genetically manipulated and everything we use in our production are of the highest quality.

Yvelis offers scented candles, melts and scented sachets with soft scents.

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Handgjorda ljus av rapsvax


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Eco-friendly scented candles made of rapeseed wax

In our production, we have chosen to make candles of rapeseed wax,  it is renewable and therefore environmentally friendly. The rapeseed wax we use contains a small amount of beeswax for better burning characteristics. Beeswax is also known for purifying properties of air.

Another big advantage is that canola is growing around us and the wax are produced in Europe. Soy wax, which is a very common option, are manufactured in USA and must therefore be transported very far, rapeseed vax is a better environmental alternative.

We put great care to find delicate and unique scents that smell soft and well balanced without beeing overwhelming, or cause headaches. It should scent good in your home when you light a scented candle made of Yvelis.

These eco-friendly scented candles I make by hand here in Sweden and each candle is made with care and attention. I am fortunate to work with something I love!

Take good care of your candle so you get to enjoy a beautiful scented candle that burns beautifully and smells long without any soot.


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